Trailhead :
Singles Collection Volume 4
This is Volume 4 of the singles collection, covering music written between 2016 to 2020. 5 of the 7 tracks have never been released.

Overwhelmed by Starlight
Composed November 2019 for a Free Floating Christmas compilation release. Unfortunately, the compilation was cancelled due to lack of submissions.

The Third Option
The structure for this track was originally composed in 2018 for the collaborative release The Still Guardian with Matt Borghi. It ended up never being used, so I decided to finish it in January 2019 for the Aatma compilation album The Unity.

Composed in the last days of 2018 for Ambient Sleeping Pill 5, a compilation album that has been put on hold for various reasons. The delay allowed for several positive adjustments and additions, and in discussion with Andrew at Stereoscenic Records, it was revealed this track didn't sit well with the other submissions. I was happy to provide another track to better fit the mood he was looking for.

A View from Above
Composed June 2018 for my first Loneward release, Protection. This was meant to be the last track of the album, but didn't have a feeling of finality that was required.

Session X
Composed September 2020 for Altus - Sleep Theory Volume 4, which will be released in 2021. This was to be the last track, Session 12, and a way to cap the series as a whole. While it had the finality I wanted, it also felt a bit too sombre in places. I also wanted it to last longer than the other tracks, aiming for around 25 minutes, however the structure of the composition didn't lend itself to that length. It would’ve certainly overstayed its welcome had I attempted to extend it beyond the existing 14-minute runtime.

Soft Space
Composed April 2019 for Loneward - Home. This initial attempt at the track Sacred Space was too sedate for what I wanted to express. I was aiming for something more profound, and this felt more like a fluffy blanket, hence naming this track Soft Space.

Until We Meet Again
Composed June 2016 for Free Floating’s final release Reflection. Although the Free Floating label did resurface a few years later to release a few albums, it has now been retired for good at the end of 2020.

Review: Sonic Immersion

Composed June 2016 to September 2020
Release Date: December 30, 2020
Catalogue #: ALT-D31
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