Strength of Fate
I will begin by stating: This is not ambient.

When I announced Altus was going to cover new ground in 2018, I released Pioneer, but even that fell into familiar territory. Creating Strength of Fate was a dedicated challenge to break the mould and really go beyond my comfort zone, yet if you listen closely, you'll still hear the raw emotional core of Altus.

I will admit this was a self-indulgence; something wholly created for myself. While working on it, I considered not releasing at all. Not that I thought it wasn't worth sharing, I simply didn't want to alienate you, or frighten you away with such a vast change in sound. But that's the reason Loneward exists. Loneward is the anchor of Altus' past. Don't fret, I still love making ambient music, and I still have many quiet places to explore.

Nearly everything I write has always been about a taking a journey or reaching a destination, and this is no different. In many ways, this might be the most personal story I've told, but I encourage you to imprint your own life experiences onto it. Doing so makes the music yours.

I truly hope you take the time to listen, and not dismiss it due to its vast departure from my previous work. Rest assured this is only a pitstop in my journey, not a permanent fixture. Take my hand and stand alongside me. I won't lead you astray, and I'll always bring you back home.
Review: Ottawa Life Magazine

Composed December 2018 tp December 2019
Release Date: February 2, 2020
Catalogue #: ALT02
Thanks to Harry Sklar and Allister Thompson for their valued advice and expertise.
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