A series of 22 short tracks covering a broad range of sounds, from melodic ambient to atonal soundscapes, and a few oddities in-between.

The story behind this release is while I work on new music, I usually start noodling with different sounds. I end up getting carried away and while the music is good, it's not appropriate to the project I'm working on. These tracks allow you to hear some of the things I end up coming up with.

Keep in mind that these aren't simply raw ideas. I've expanded on the initial sound or idea and polished it up for a enjoyable listening experience.

Given that each track is it's own entity (a rare thing with my work), there's no wrong way to play this album. Pick and choose your favourite tracks, or simply randomize the track listing for a slightly different listen every time. Have fun with it, that's the idea.

I hope you enjoy hearing some of these "behind the scenes" sounds I'm sharing with you.
Review: Sonic Immersion

Composed April to July 2008
Release Date: August 4, 2008
Catalogue #: ALT-D14
Thanks to KRAFTWERK2K1 for sound samples on track 15
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