This music was created over the course of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic as my way to process the isolation and loneliness I was experiencing during that time. Consequently, Hypoxia holds some of the darkest material I’ve ever released, akin to Only One Earth to Destroy (2007), Rapid Eye Movements (2008), Complex Silence 22 (2012), and Below the Root (2017).

Once the music was completed in late summer 2020, I filed it away. It had served its purpose to channel away those strong, negative emotions I was experiencing. Now, over a year later, I feel is the right time to share this work with you. While the pandemic is still a part of our lives, I hope the worst is behind us.

Special care has been taken to tell a story, one with an admittedly dark ending, but it needed to be told. As I usually do, I’ve provided a framework through suggestive track titles, but leave the rest to your imagination. I hope this work, in its own way, helps vent any negative emotions you might be holding under the surface.
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Composed, mixed and mastered
in the Green Cellar by Mike Carss
May to August 2020

Release Date: October 1, 2021
Catalogue #: ALT09
© 2021 Mike Carss (SOCAN/ASCAP)
℗ 2021 Altus Music