Fractional Dimensions
Volume 3
This long-form track, titled Structural Eternal, might sound familiar to those acquainted with the Altus back catalogue. It's a reimagining of Magellanic Clouds from The Grand Expanse (2007). That song resonated strongly with many listeners, so I felt it would be a fun experiment to break it apart, explore its inner workings, and rebuild it again in greater detail.

Fractional Dimensions is an ongoing long-form series from Loneward that explores slow-moving spaces for contemplation, meditation, and sleep.

This is ambient music in its purest form.
Best experienced at low listening levels.

Due to the long-form nature of this work, this recording is only available for purchase at Bandcamp (digital and CDr) and stream on YouTube.

At a later date, abridged versions of these long-form tracks will be made available everywhere as 4-track compilation EPs.

Composed, mixed and mastered
by Mike Carss at the Green Cellar
February to March 2023

Release Date: November 3, 2023
Catalogue #: ALT-X03
© 2023 Mike Carss (SOCAN/ASCAP)
℗ 2023 Altus Music