Beyond the Sea (Part One)
Considering the amount of music I produce each year, the need to experiment is strong. Exploring different sounds or ideas, or variations of what I've created in the past, is part of the fun. Of course, having you along for the ride is always special to me, but I appreciate that not everything I create is what you're searching for.

Beyond the Sea is not an experiment.

This is the music you've likely been waiting for, akin to Komorebi (2015) and Innerspace (2016) as Altus, and Pure (2021) as Loneward.

You might wonder why I don't write music in this particular style all the time. There's many reasons, but inspiration is a key component. I have no interest in producing the same thing ad nauseam. Also, I won't deny there's a strange pleasure in creating anticipation within my listeners.

Beyond the Sea Part One, in my opinion, will sit comfortably among my most enjoyed works, and Part Two will possibly rank even higher. You see? There's that anticipation again.

My thanks to Wings of an Angel for the inspirational musical phrase used in Starborn Echoes.
Review: Sonic Immersion

Composed, mixed and mastered
by Mike Carss at the Green Cellar
July to August 2023

Release Date: March 25, 2024
Catalogue #: ALT19
© 2024 Mike Carss (SOCAN/ASCAP)
℗ 2024 Altus Music