Free Floating Music – Conception

My friend Brad Ross-McCloud has started a netlabel that will feature music that I (and probably you) will greatly enjoy.

Introducing Free Floating Music.

Its first release is nearly three and a half hours of excellent music, never heard before, from 22 artists (including a track from Altus). The release is called Conception, which is quite fitting a name.

I would also like to mention that an unreleased track from Lucette Bourdin has been included. Even after death, she keeps on giving! :)

You will, without a doubt, find future Altus releases on this netlabel. So be sure to bookmark it!

Earth Mantra – The Hundredth Mantra (featuring new Altus track)

Welcome to Earth Mantra Netlabel’s one hundredth release. To celebrate this milestone, we decided early on that this album should be a compilation of the artists who made up the previous ninety-nine releases.

Little did we realize how many of our artists would want to contribute and how excellent the music would be. As a result, this release has grown to encompass four full discs of sublime ambience, with more than four hours of music end to end. We’re very proud of the result.

Special thanks to all of the artists for their contributions, both to this compilation, to Earth Mantra, as well as to the ambient community at large. Your generosity helps make the ambient world a better place, and Earth Mantra simply could not exist without you.

Finally, we would like to thank our listeners, without whom there would literally be no point. We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed the first one hundred mantras, and we look forward to many, many more.

This release features a new track from Altus called “Rainmaker”
Here’s a promo video featuring timelapse photography I shot last summer.

Download the release here:

Mister Vapor – 6-hour Ambient Drone exclusively on StillStream

Original link:

A 6-hour ambient drone piece, composed by Mister Vapor, will be featured as a one-time broadcast on Stillstream internet radio. Stillstream is a free ambient music station available at The drone, “Beyond The Velvet Sky”, is scheduled to air August 25th at 8 PM Central U.S. time, during a special edition of Kite Radio. Thanks to proprietor Darrell Burgan for this unique event.

Just Not Normal presents “no-R-mal”

Mark Stolk aka mystahr of the Just Not Normal netlabel presents “no-R-mal”. A 4-disc compilation of tracks from 52 artists around the globe, including a new track from Altus.

Celebrating the 50th release on JNN I’ve invited some of the best (netlabel)artists from around the globe to join this massive compilationalbum.

In total 52 artists joined to create the finest in what is available in experimental music these days. Much of what you hear is unreleased work with the exception of a handful. These tracks have been carefully mastered and put together to present to you a 4 CD epic journey into sound. Together with the artwork the puzzle lies ahead to find out what exactly is ‘normal’.
A tip of the veil; … there is no one answer. What one considers normal another may disagree on with totally different standards.
Or in short; we are all just not normal and we all are!

no R mal!

Be sure to take the time to check out this massive release!