January 30, 2009
:: Netlabel - Endless Ascent

I thought I had posted about this netlabel before, but apparently not. This is one of those rare netlabels that release only one style of music, in this case light ambient. As in the opposite of dark ambient... which is so prevalent in the genre.

Endless Ascent.
The two latest releases from Seetyca and Stephen Phillips are especially enjoyable.

January 03, 2009
:: Altus featured at Eclectic Mix Music Podcast

I'd like to thank George at Eclectic Mix Music Podcast for featuring my music (more specifically tracks from The Elements: Air).

Be sure to check out his vast listing of shows featuring many different styles of music.

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June 10, 2008
:: Deepspace - Another Empty Galaxy

Deepspace is giving away a beautiful 60 minute longplay track.
Download it here:

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April 07, 2008
:: M. Persson:Sounds - Strange Skies LP

I found a folder on my hard drive earlier this evening, containing the following:

M. Persson:Sounds - Strange Skies LP

Wow! If you enjoy my music, you will enjoy this.

It makes me laugh to know that this has been sitting on my drive, not being listened to. I'm sure a lot of my music ends up on people's hard drives and forgotten. That's the only problem with having so much quality music available to download... you lose that enjoyment of receiving a new CD and taking the time to really enjoy it.

So if you download this, take the time to listen to it. :)

More info on the artist - M. Persson:Sounds

March 04, 2008
:: Nine Inch Nails "Ghosts I - IV"

In case you might've missed this, NiN has released a new 2-disc album using the creative commons license.
Ghosts I - IV
It looks to be around two hours of music, and it's completely instrumental. Even if you don't think you're a fan of NiN, check out the free download. The quiet ambient-ish tracks outnumber the noisy ones. ;)

Ghosts I is available as a free MP3 download @ 320kb/s. You can buy all four as a digital download for five bucks in a choice of formats, including FLAC!

I love this attitude, and I hope to see even more artists embrace this type of releasing. Of course, you've got to be a well known artist to do this sort of thing and come out with a profit... and in this case they don't have anything to worry about. They've already sold out the $300 limited edition of the release at 2500 units (that $750,000... *cough* Those crazy die-hard fans).

I hope they realize how lucky they are to have the freedom to do this. :)

October 05, 2007
:: Lähtö - Amends

Be sure to check out the new EP from Lähtö.

More Lähtö music available here.

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May 07, 2007
:: Palancar News and Introducing "Earth Mantra"

Darrell Burgan (aka Palancar), in light of the upcoming changes to Internet radio and tired of the music industry treating him like dirt, has made the decision to release almost all his future music for free download at the new netlabel, Earth Mantra.

I'm extremely happy to see him make this decision, since it pretty much guarantees more listeners to hear and enjoy his works. As of right now, he's released hours upon hours of his live "train wrecks" from his radio show on StillStream.

To those who are not familiar to what Palancar's Train Wrecks are:
One of the many aspects of Palancar's music is live performance, both in front of live audiences and over live net radio. As part of his weekly net radio program over the past several years, Palancar has done many live improvisational ambient performances, which the artist nicknamed "Ambient Train Wrecks" - and the name has stuck ever since. Everything heard in these tracks is live and untouched, except for mastering of the recordings themselves.

A whopping 50 tracks across five releases. Some is soothing ambient, some is quite experimental, all is great to listen to.

Palancar - Ambient Train Wreck Back Catalog - Collection One
Palancar - Ambient Train Wreck Back Catalog - Collection Two
Palancar - Ambient Train Wreck Back Catalog - Collection Three
Palancar - Ambient Train Wreck Back Catalog - Collection Four
Palancar - Ambient Train Wreck Back Catalog - Collection Five

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April 06, 2007
:: Aaron Marshall - Noir Ambiance

Aaron Marshall - Noir Ambiance

This music will only be freely available for a limited time, so be sure to check it out soon.
Very nice stuff indeed.

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March 27, 2007
:: The Ambient Collective - Horizon

Introducing "Horizon" from The Ambient Collective.
12 ambient journeys mixed into one full length track by Bluejooz.

Artists are in this order:
1. usr/sbin
2. altus
3. somnarium (Michael Meara)
4. modulator esp
5. jujigen
6. matucana
7. silvercord
8. tange
9. nezecus
10. steve the keys
11. phrozenlight
12. bluejooz

It can be obtained by clicking here.

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January 20, 2007
:: Andrew Lahiff - Seven new tracks

This might be old news to some, but Andrew Lahiff has seven new tracks available to download on his site.

Lost Echoes
Frozen Illusions
Patterns in the Light
In the Hills Beyond the Town
Discovered on Earth
Emerging Signals
Unfolding Frontiers

If you haven't heard the rest of his free offerings (there's a lot available), be sure to check them out.

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