September 30, 2006
:: Spheric Lounge - Suggested Listening

If you're not familiar with Spheric Lounge, be ready for a treat.
Here are some suggested tracks that I enjoy. Your enjoyment may vary. ;)

Deep Lake
Fieldsync Pablo
Nordic Sun
Taifun Coming

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September 02, 2006
:: Phrozenlight - Timeless

The most prolific artist I know, Phrozenlight, has a new release available to download.
If you enjoy floating dark ambient, be sure to check out this, and all his releases.


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September 02, 2006
:: 80s Nostalgia

I had only seen this video once when I was a kid, and it left such an impression on me that I still remember it to this day. I loved this song and loved the space footage. Yay for YouTube. ;)

Pump Up The Volume

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