August 30, 2006
:: New free tracks from Andrew Lahiff

Andrew has recently released three new tracks, The Quiet Memory, Gliding and Darkness over the Horizon.
Download them here.

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August 29, 2006
:: SunDummy

I've heard the name for quite some time, but only recently heard the music.
Excellent ambient/drone music... now if only he'd just release his stuff instead of having limited time downloads. :P I've miss three of the four part series he's offering. Doh!

In any case, check it out because he does have links to other works he's done. All top notch from what I've heard so far!


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August 26, 2006
:: New music from Palancar

Palancar just released a 2-CD set (also available to download) of his recent live works, aka train wrecks.
His live stuff blows me away!

ambient train wreck series volume one & two

one of the many aspects of palancar's music is live performance, both in front of live audiences and over live net radio. as part of his weekly net radio program over the past four years, palancar has done many live improvisational ambient performances, which the artist nicknamed "ambient train wrecks" - and the name has stuck ever since. thus, the ambient train wreck series is a collection of excerpts from these live performances. everything heard in these tracks is live and untouched, except for mastering of the recordings themselves.

If you enjoy melodic ambient, with a touch of abstract:

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